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Endurance Dealers Services’ vehicle service contract coverage and wide array of other vehicle protection products give dealerships an edge in F&I penetration rates and profits.

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Other Protection Products

The Endurance 2nd Chance Program is a unique system which provides your organization an opportunity to sell your customers a service contract after they have left your dealership, agency, or credit union. This is a turnkey income-generating program with absolutely no start up costs and minimal implementation time. It is a compliant, simple and effective way to profit from all of your past sales and/or service customers with no extra work for you.

Endurance simply utilizes your provided customer records to screen, process, and follow up with all selectively targeted candidates. This process relieves you from committing your own valuable time, material, and manpower costs and hands it over to our experienced, proven successful sales team. Again, it involves no risk or costs to you whatsoever; you just sit back and profit from customers that would have otherwise been completely lost or sold by a third party.